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Are you looking to change a behaviour?

Manage your emotions?

Improve performance?

Overcome fear?

Reduce pain?


Hypnosis may just be the answer you’re looking for.


General Health – Allergies – Weight Loss – Smoking Cessation

Addictions – Phobias – Behavioural Issues – Emotional Issues – Trauma

Stress – Anxiety – Self Esteem

Sports Performance – Exams – Presentations


Welcome to Essential Hypnosis.


* Hypnotherapy
* NeuroStrategies
* Temporal Dynamics
* Time Line Therapy
Use the power of your mind and emotions to control pain, or a myriad of dis-ease.
Change your behaviours and beliefs around your family life, self image, and health.
Manage negative or unresourceful emotions, and access positive and empowering states.
Discover key skills in creating healthy relationships.
Eliminate phobias and addictions.
Learn how to use and apply self hypnosis and EFT for every area of your life.
Essential Hypnosis provides talks and seminars on the history and uses of hypnotherapy. Whether you come from the medical community and are looking to learn the value of hypnotherapy for use with your patients, or simply have an interest about the many applications of hypnosis, then why not experience a journey into the amazing power of the mind.
Essential Hypnosis also provides workshops in stress reduction and management for the business community.